JUKI Automation Systems supplies leading SMT assembly solutions for the Electronic Industry throughout the world. Customers typically have their roots in EMS – Electronic Manufacturing Services, Automotive as well as Industrial and Consumer Electronics.

JUKI Automation Systems is pioneer in introducing modern, modular placement and in doing so presented the first placement machine to the market in 1987.

JUKI Automation Systems GmbH is part of the JUKI Corporation – a market-listed Japanese company with more than 6,000 employees in the business areas of electronic assembly systems and sewing machinery. 

The company has its headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany and surmises the central logistics hub for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We pride ourselves with our renowned 3-year warranty on JUKI systems as well as providing comprehensive customer service thanks to our technical 24-hour-hotline.




Foundation of the Tokyo JUKI Manufacturers Association




Launch of the first Pick and Place machine




Foundation JUKI Automation Systems through acquisition of Zevatech




Launch of the first „Total Line Solution“




75-year-milestone anniversary of JUKI Corporation




Integration of SONY EMCS into the JUKI Corporation




30,000 machines delivered worldwide




JUKI Automation Systems GmbH, Nuremberg, Germany, assigned as European headquarters



Foundation of the Tokyo JUKI Manufacturers Association


Foundation of JUKI Automation Systems through acquisition of Zevatech


75-year-milestone anniversary of JUKI Corporation


30,000 machines delivered worldwide


Launch of the first Pick and Place machine


Launch of the first „Total Line Solution“


Integration of SONY EMCS into the JUKI Corporation


JUKI Automation Systems GmbH in Nuremberg, Germany, assigned as European headquarters


Jens Mirau, Geschäftsführer, JUKI Automation Systems GmbH

Jens Mirau

Phone: +49 911 93 62 66 – 25
Fax: +49 911 93 62 66 – 26
Email: Jens.Mirau@juki-smt.com

Thomas Dreher, Chief Financial Officer, JUKI Automation Systems GmbH

Thomas Dreher

Phone: +49 911 93 62 66 – 52
Fax: +49 911 93 62 66 – 26
Email: Thomas.Dreher@juki-smt.co

Andreas Polzer, Chief Technology Officer, JUKI Automation Systems GmbH

Andreas Polzer

Phone: +49 911 93 62 66 – 37
Fax: +49 911 93 62 66 – 26
Email: Andreas.Polzer@juki-smt.com

Aoki Masahiko, Vice President, JUKI Automation Systems GmbH

Aoki Masahiko
Vice President

Phone: +49 911 93 62 66 – 44
Fax: +49 911 93 62 66 – 26
Email: Masahiko.Aoki@juki-smt.com

Manfred Kugler, Director Technical Services, JUKI Automation Systems GmbH

Manfred Kugler
Director Technical Services

Phone: +49 911 93 62 66 – 16
Fax: +49 911 93 62 66 – 26
Email: Manfred.Kugler@juki-smt.com


Marc Berger, Director Logistics, JUKI Automation Systems GmbH

Marc Berger
Director Logistics

Phone: +49 911 93 62 66 – 93
Fax: +49 911 93 62 66 – 26
Email: Marc.Berger@juki-smt.com


Ever since the company’s foundation, whenever it came to establishing new values, JUKI has taken up the cause of “Monodzukuri”.

The Japanese philosophy is a byword for perfection as well as outstanding art of engineering and craftsmanship. It describes the manufacturing of excellent products within perfect production processes throughout the entire value chain. 

Here at JUKI, we exert ourselves to exceed customer expectations and to continually refine our technologies and processes – whether it involves development and production or marketing, sales and our cooperation with partners and suppliers.



ISO 9001:2015 is currently the most important international standard for quality management (QM). It determines the requirements to increase overall performance and to continually scrutinise and improve processes in place.

Quality management systems help install trust in products, services and the performance ability of a company and as a consequence increase customer satisfaction.

JUKI Automation Systems - ISO 9001


JUKI Partner - GKG

52 Ubi Avenue 3, #02-38 Frontier
Singapore 408867

JUKI Partner - JT

52 Ubi Avenue 3, #02-38 Frontier
Singapore 408867


Via Zambon 14/16
36051 Creazzo (VI) – ITALY



Cogiscan Inc. 
28-B boulevard de l’Aéroport
Bromont (Quebec)


Electro Design AB
Lilldammsvagen 1
SE-747 44 Gimo – SWEDEN


INERTEC Löttechnik GmbH
Kreuzstraße 17
97892 Kreuzwertheim – GERMANY



With the help of JUKI assembly machines, Tesat-Spacecom GmbH & Co. KG produces PCBs which endure the tough challenges of missions in space

The requirements for quality, traceability and the First Yield Pass are very high in the SMT production of Tesat-Spacecom, located in Backnang, Germany. The whole production is subject to the strictest norms worldwide set by the space agencies and fulfils the ECSS standard of the European Space Agency – ESA. In the course of renewing the assembly machines, Tesat was on the lookout for a partner who could help meet the complex criteria and would contribute to an intensive cooperation.


Great advantages of an entire production from one single source - VIP-VIRANT Group and JUKI


Robert Virant, Director and owner of VIP-Virant, explains: “After concentrating on German products that are already in use in many places of the automotive electronics industry, JUKI presented us with an entire production concept. My team was ecstatic. JUKI not only guaranteed all benchmark data for a top automotive quality assembly, but also continuous quality control of under 30 dpm, a guaranteed line output, traceability integration from the laser marker through to the finished product, the whole coordination from one single source and their support not only until the approval but lasting the whole service life of the systems. This was further emphasised by reference to the 3-year warranty.”


Belgian high-end automotive supplier C-MAC trusts reliable JUKI screen-printers


C-MAC has two production centres. One is located in Ronse, Belgium and the second is local to Sherbrooke in Quebec, Canada. Each entre offers automated production lines at the highest level for specialised electronics with enormous requirements for precision and reliability, even under harsh conditions. As a producer of high-quality circuits in hybrid technology for automotive, medical engineering and industrial automation, C-MAC from now on trusts in screen-printers from JUKI.


Zollner Elektronik AG relies on integral manufacturing systems with integrated intelligence and traceability by JUKI


“We bought our first JUKI assembly line a few years ago. At that time we were especially thrilled by the LED placement  in terms of different software solutions for the binning subject as well as the LED handling. During the last four years JUKI has proven that they are in a league of their own regarding their systems long-term quality and lowest cost of ownership. Now the same decision was pending, as we have been developing out technology continuously. Today we trust in complete manufacturing systems with fully integrated intelligence and traceability. Nowadays the cost structure of the systems plays a more important role. JUKI has further improved the past last years and now offers complete production solutions.”


One JUKI RS 1000 nitrogen oven covers the whole production of three SMT assembly lines at FERCAD Elektronik


The very successful medium-sized EMS service provider from North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany continuously invests in new production equipment. That is why the old mounters from a Korean provider were replaced with three new lines by JUKI during the last two years.


UK EMS provider Chemigraphic increases SMT line utulisation by using JUKI systems


Chemigraphic, one of the UK’s leading electronic manufacturing service businesses, continues the next phase of its investment cycle by purchasing JUKI’s new Intelligent Storage Solution – ISM – systems in order to enhance their surface mount operations and shorten delivery time for their customers.



The JUKI Group is aware of its responsiblity towards the environment and is continuously working on ways to use existing resources more efficiently, save energy and encourage recycling. We strive to create products which are safe in practise, involve a minimum of environmental pollution and illustrate technological progress.

JUKI products consist of valuable resources and are manufactured in our production centres at a high cost of energy and materials. Each factory of the JUKI Group works to increase efficiency while decreasing expences and environmental pollution, especially CO2 emissions and industrial waste.


Start your career at JUKI. We are looking for skilled employees and new colleagues.

Please have a look below for latest job vacancies at JUKI Automation Systems GmbH: 

Service and IT Systems Technician (f/m) - indoor and field service

Your tasks:

• Service and maintenance repairs on-site at the customer’s location
• Software installations and their upkeep on-site at the customer’s location or via remote access
• Initial startup procedures for new machines, maintenance and preventive servicing
• Service activities at our branch in Nuremberg
• Consulting our customers in case of problem solutions and analyses
• Expert consultation regarding customer queries and documentation within the data system over the phone

Your profile:

• Degree as an IT systems technician, electronics engineer, IT specialist or similar
• Skills in electrics/electronics as well as in corresponding plans/diagrams
• Experience within the field of the mechanical and electrial error analysis
• Sound knowledge regarding all current Office-applications
• Ideally experience in Surface Mounted Technology (SMT)
• Willingness to travel within Germany and Europe
• Good command of English

Our offer:

• Independent and autonomous work opportunity
• Collaboration opportunities within a motivated and dynamic team
• Flexibel working concept
• Company vehicle, also for personal use
• Attractive social benefits
• Permanent full-time employment
• Comprehensive initial training and continuous futher training concerning product novelties

Please send us your application solely as a PDF via email to: 
JUKI Automation Systems GmbH
attn. Mrs Nebel
Neuburger Str. 41
90451 Nuremberg, Germany


Did you find a position you are interested in?

You are welcome to contact me regarding questions concerning job advertisements or your job application:

Ulla Nebel, HR & Administration Manager EU, JUKI Automation Systems GmbH

HR & Administration Manager EU
Ulla Nebel

Phone: +49 911 93 62 66 – 13
Fax: +49 911 93 62 66 – 26
Email: Ulla.Nebel@juki-smt.com

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