Hiroaki Yamazaki will be appointed new President at German JUKI Automation Systems GmbH

At JUKI Automation Systems, a leading supplier of SMT assembly solutions for the Electronics Industry, things are on the move. As every activity brings about change, there is a change in management at JUKI Automation Systems GmbH this year: Jens Mirau, President for many years, will pass on executive management responsibilities to his successor Hiroaki Yamazaki.

Hiroaki Yamazaki will take over the running of the company JUKI Automation Systems GmbH based in Nuremberg, Germany, effective September 1, 2018. “We are pleased to have found a successor from within the ranks with long experience in sales in particular who will continue developing our European SMT business,” states the management team of JUKI Automation Systems GmbH.

Hiroaki Yamazaki looks forward to the new challenge: “I am proud to assume responsibilities for JUKI Automation Systems European headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany. I am confident that we can benefit from synergies that will positively influence the way our business develops due to my existing network at JUKI Corporation in Japan and by working with an experienced and motivated team in Nuremberg. It is a matter of particular concern to me to strengthen cross-border communication and as a result, minimize response times for increase in customer satisfaction.”

The management team of JUKI Automation Systems GmbH confirms: “In a strongly competitive market with prices that are almost close, soft factors such as service and delivery times become key to success. We are optimistic about the future and are happy to have an experienced SMT expert from the very start with many years in sales experience at our side who is familiar with the specifics of international markets.”

Hiroaki Yamazaki started his career at JUKI Corporation in Tokyo, Japan, in 1987 – when JUKI introduced the 1st Pick&Place machine to the market. Hiroaki Yamazaki has over 30 years of experience in SMT business and over 20 years of experience in Sales. The last years, he has held the following positions responsible amongst others: JUKI SMT Asia, Bangkok (President), JUKI Automation Systems Inc., California/USA (Vice President) and since 2016 responsible for the Sales Promotion Department, JUKI Automation Systems Corporation, Tokyo/Japan (General Manager).

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