JUKIS INSERTION SOLUTION consists of odd-shape placement machines to meet different insertion requirements. JUKI THT machines, which boast high accuracy, speed, reliability and flexibility, can easily automate your hand-mount process.


Multi Task Platform

JUKI’s JM-100 is characterized by a significant increase in speed compared to the previous generation. The machine enables the component placement time to be reduced to 0.6 seconds for the vacuum nozzles and 0.8 seconds for the grippers.

TAKUMI head – automatically height-adjusting laser to optimize speed

Active Clinching



JM-20 for everyone who wants to assemble larger circuit boards

The JM-20 is a THT machine that can cope with special requirements. Especially large circuit boards are not an obstacle. The JM-20 takes on heavy, larger and special components. The machine guarantees excellent assembly quality thanks to the component recognition function. To reduce errors, the laser detects the presence of the component from the reception to the final insertion.

Large circuit boards 800 x 560 mm

Good for lager and odd-shaped components