JUKIS INSERTION SOLUTION consists of odd-shape placement machines to meet different insertion requirements. JUKI THT machines, which boast high accuracy, speed, reliability and flexibility, can easily automate your hand-mount process.


Insertion Solution – THT

JUKI Placement Solution - RX-7


Multi Task Platform

JM20 has same principle of our P&P machines same as KE 3000 series.
This model is developed with lots of experiences.  JUKI has already managed plenty of THT projects with customers all over the world.




Component size is up to  square 50 mm
Component height is max.  55 mm (includes lead leg)
Board size is max. X 800mm x Y 560 (X direction has to be 2 times clamping)
L/XL size of PCB are available

Slide insertion (Software Option)

The slide insertion will be a big help to insert THT components near high-density component areas in order to prevent any crash component by nozzles. Sometimes the component itself  leans on the front/rear/left/right, because of higher/bigger if there is no clinch to lead legs.

New Bulk Feeder (Custom-Made per your component)

A simple/small type of connector is able to be supplied by bulk package.
Device dimension got slimer than bowl feeder.  It is possible to run teh machine with more feeders.

Unique Design of Nozzles

We have developed lots of nozzles to manage any odd shape componets, like vacuum/gripper/axial /Chuck. We can offer over 300 different types.

PWB size

1 time clumping 80 × 100 mm ~ 410 × 360 mm
2 times clumping  80 × 100 mm ~ 800 × 360 mm

Component Height

max. 55 mm

Component size

Laser recognition: 0603 (metric) ~ 50 mm (square)

Insertion speed

Vacuum: 0.8 sec / part *1

Placement accurancy

Laser recognition: ± 0.05 mm (3 σ)
Vision recognition: ± 0.04 mm

Power supply

200 to 415 V AC 3-phase

Apparent power

2.0 kVA

Operation air pressure

0,5 ± 0,05 MPa

Air consumption

50 L / min

Machine dimension (W × D × H)*6

L size PCB: 1,500 × 1,657 × 1,550 mm
XL size PCB: 1,500 × 1,892 × 1,550 mm

Weight (approx.)

L size PC: 1,760 kg
XL size PCB: 1,985 kg

*1 Using following conditions (Applicable parts aluminum electrolytic capacitor (φ8 mm) When the component height is 28 mm, board transport and BOC mark recognition time are not included.)

Specifications and design subject to change without notice.