JUKIS INSERTION SOLUTION consists of odd-shape placement machines to meet different insertion requirements. JUKI THT machines, which boast high accuracy, speed, reliability and flexibility, can easily automate your hand-mount process.


Insertion Solution – THT

JUKI Placement Solution - RX-7


Ideal for high-mix low-volume

JUKI’sentrance model JM-50 is the cheapest version of our THT machines. Anyhow, it is packed with great features. New flexible feeders increase the component range to be handled at a time. This leads to superior productivity and faster change over. In addition new “Mini Chuck Nozzles” support a wide range of components, reducing cycle time,decreasing tooling costs and simpyfying programming.

Lowest cost

JUKI’s JM-50 convinces with lowest entry costs for THT production when producing high-mix low-volume. 

Recognition of various component heights

The new “Takumi head” has 4 nozzles and is equipped with a height-adjusting laser to optimize speed. This head can handle a wide range of components while maintaining the maximum speed.


New flexible feeders  and new “Mini Chuck Nozzles” increase component range that can be handled at a time.

PWB size

1 time clamping 50 × 50 mm ~ 410 × 360 mm 2 times clamping  50 × 50 mm ~ 800 × 360 mm

Component Height

max. 30 mm

Component size

Laser recognition: 0603 (metric) ~ 50 mm (square) 3 D Sensor: 3 mm (square) ~ 40 x 25 mm

Insertion speed

Vacuum: *0.6 sec / part
*Under the conditions specified by JUKI

Placement accuracy

Laser recognition: ± 0.05 mm (3 σ) Vision recognition: ± 0.04 mm

Feeder capacity

Tape feeder in case of 8 mm tape: 56 (Optional Knock cyinder unit is required)
MRF-S Radial Feeder 18
(9 on each of Front and Rear side)

MRF-L Radial Feeder 14
(7 on each of Front and Rear side)

MAF-S Axial Feeder 14
(7 on each of Front and Rear side)

MAF-L Axial Feeder 10
(5 on each of Front and Rear side)

Power supply

200 to 415 V AC 3-phase

Apparent power

2.2 kVA

Operation air pressure

0,5 ± 0,05 MPa

Air consumption

75 L / min

Machine dimension (W × D × H)

1,454 × 1,505 × 1,450 mm

Weight (approx.)

1,300 kg 

Mass of conveying

Maximum up to 2.000 kg

Specifications and design subject to change without notice.