JUKI’s INSPECTION SOLUTION can save both expenses and resources regarding the further production process as it helps detect mistakes in the early stages of manufacturing.

RV-2-3DHL * NEW*

Optical Inspection / Solder Paste Inspection

JUKI Inspection Solution - RV-2

RV-2-3DHL * NEW*

Optical Inspection / Solder Paste Inspection

JUKI’s RV2-3DHL analyzes the three-dimensional shape of the completed board and compares the shape against the specification based on the outlines, heights, and brightness of the components and solder. It then judges whether the board is OK or NG (no good) based on the analysis.
The 2D check function is also available.

Process Mode

The “Process Mode” is a simple, quick, and high performance inspection that automatically generates package by only selecting test part types with a pre-prepared template. In addition, adjusting black and white and color parameters and adjusting the 3D threshold allow you to customize the inspection standards freely. This makes it easy for less experienced operators to create the test data.
Furthermore a unique process mode can be mounted ad a standard, making it more flexible.

2D + 3D Hybrid inspection

The RV series combines the benefits of 2D and 3D inspection technologies. Lead lift, component tilt, and a new foreign matter detection are all included. Character recognition, micro bridging and UV light (optional) can also be checked.

SPI and AOI Multi-function Machine

One machine can function in AOI and SPI roles without changing software. The flexible platform allows the best ROI.

PCB handling and transport

PCB Size (L × W) min. 50 × 50 mm / max. 650 × 590 mm
PCB Weight max. 7.0 kg

Measurement System

Camera System 12 MPix
Measuring Principle p3D (DLP projector)
Measurement Resolution 12 µm / pixel (standard) / 5 µm / pixel (high resolution)
Field of View (FOV) 48 × 36 mm (standard) / 20 × 15 mm (High resolution)
Image Processing Speed 0.51 s / FOV

Machine Properties and Dimensions

Dimensions (L × W × H) 940 × 1800 × 1530 mm
Weight 1,250 kg

PC and Software

Operating System Windows 7, 64 bit
Interfaces SMEMA, OK / NG, USB, Ethernet

Operating Requirements

Power Supply 380 V, three phases
Compressed Air 5 bar
Ambient Conditions 15 – 30° C, 30 – 65 % RH

Standards (selection)

AWC, code recognition on PCB, true zero measurement reference, automatic calibration

Available Options and Accessories (selection)

Closed-Loop with screen paste printer, grid tools for supporting the PCB, TOPSS connection for remote analysis, long board option