JUKI’s INSPECTION SOLUTION can save both expenses and resources regarding the further production process as it helps detect mistakes in the early stages of manufacturing.


Solder Paste Inspection

JUKI Inspection Solution - RV-2


Solder Paste Inspection

JUKI’s RV-2 is an accurate high-speed inline SPI machine that is equipped with an innovative i3D LED measuring head using the principle of photometric stereo technique. On top of that, it is possible to operate several RV-2 units from one workspace using Total Operation System Software – TOPSS.

Speed and Flexibility

Thanks to the possibility of a rapid program creation, it only takes about five minutes to create a program. Working with standard measurement algorithms is possible. In case complex measurement tasks are necessary the corresponding algorithms can also be customised, therefore avoiding pseudo errors.

i3D Measuring Principle – Light from all Sides

RV-2 SPI forgoes delicate and expensive projector technology. Instead it uses the principle of photometric stereo technique. With quick sequential light exposure from different angles and image capturing, the printed circuit board is measured three-dimensionally. If required, the durable illumination unit can be replaced at a reasonable price.

Accurate Detection of Solder Bridges

In contrary to other systems, the RV-2 measures a reference height for each individual pad. For this purpose a small section around the pad is observed. Resulting in an accurately defined level that constitutes the correct reference for the solder depot height measurement. In case of an incorrect height reference, the solder paste below this level would no longer be measured. Solder bridges remaining undetected.

PCB handling and transport

PCB Size (L × W) min. 50 × 50 mm / max. 410 × 360 mm
PCB Weight max. 4.0 kg
Solder Pad Dimensions min. 01005 (inch) / max. 15 × 15 mm
PCB Feed Height 900 -20 / +70 mm

Measurable Solder Depot Properties

No / too little solder paste, print misalignment, depot volume, depot height, foreign objects etc.

Measurement System

Camera System 400 MPix CMOS
Measuring Principle i3D Photometric Stereo Technique
Measurement Resolution 15 µm / pixel (standard) / 10 µm / pixel (high resolution)
Field of View (FOV) 30 × 30 mm / 20 × 20 mm
Image Processing Speed 0.2 s / FOV

Machine Properties and Dimensions

Dimensions (L × W × H) 940 × 1276 × 1530 mm
Weight 1,000 kg

PC and Software

Operating System Windows 7, 64 bit
Interfaces SMEMA, OK / NG, USB, Ethernet

Operating Requirements

Power Supply 380 V, three phases
Compressed Air 5 bar
Ambient Conditions 15 – 30° C, 30 – 65 % RH

Standards (selection)

AWC, code recognition on PCB, true zero measurement reference, automatic calibration

Available Options and Accessories (selection)

Closed-Loop with screen paste printer, grid tools for supporting the PCB, TOPSS connection for remote analysis, long board option


Please refer to product specifications for details.
Specifications and design subject to change without notice.