JUKI’s INSPECTION SOLUTION can save both expenses and resources regarding the further production process as it helps detect mistakes in the early stages of manufacturing.

X-Ray Inspection * NEW*

X-Ray Inspection System with
3D X-Ray Stereo Method

JUKI Inspection Solution - RV-2

Offline Model: 

X-Ray Inspection * NEW*

X-Ray Inspection System with 3D X-Ray Stereo Method

Due to the increasing complexities of electronic products, high-density, hidden parts and small PCBs X-ray Inspection is more and more required for SMT inspection. The R-ray will enable inspectors to see multiple qualities of a printed circuit and identify a range of potential problems, including solder bridges, solder voids and pin-hole fills. JUKI’s X-Ray machine achieves high magnification in a compact device. The X-Ray stereo method is a unique technology which can achieve an image solution of 2μm. They X-Ray system can be used for inspecting SMTcomponents as well as for THT wire bondings. JUKI offers  an online as well an an offline model.

2D Inspection (normal X-ray fluoroscopy)

Without inspecting overlapping areas the 2D inspection achieves a high speed of 1sec/1 FOV.

2.5D Inspection (X-ray stereo method)

The special x-ray stereo method allows to make the components invisible in the picture. Only the solder paste to be inspected can be seen clearly. 

3D, 3DCT Inspection (optional)

Dring inspection process the boards can be sliced in up to 100 layers. Every single layer can be inspected in only 10 sec/FOV.

X-Ray tube type

Micro-focus sealed source (closed type)

X-Ray target position

Transmission type (same as the opentube type)

X-Ray tube voltage, current

30-110 kV, 200μA

Focal spot size

Offline model: 2 μm

Tray size / Inspection area

Offline model: 330 x 250 mm

X-Ray image resolution

Offline model: 1.3 megapixel X-ray flat panel detector; 1,180 x 1,100 pixel; 14 bit (16,384 gradation)

Air supply

Offline model: None

Online model: 0.45 Mpa, 50L/min

Machine Properties and Dimensions

Offline model: Dimensions (W × D × H) 1,300 × 1,100 × 1,450 mm
Weight 1,200 kg

Online model: Dimensions (W × D × H) 900 × 1,000 × 1,500 mm
Weight 900 kg