JUKI’s PLACEMENT SOLUTION encompasses a large portfolio of placement machines intended for small, mid-sized and large companies who are looking for flexible, reliable and long-term solutions. JUKI placement machines perform high-quality work whilst ensuring overall the precisely accurate placement of components on printed circuit boards. Consequently allowing a reliable long-term planning.



Placement Solution

JUKI Placement Solution - RX-7


Ultra High-Speed Mounter 

JUKI’s RX-7 is the perfect solution for companies looking to assemble printed circuit boards with a large variety of components. In particular: micro-components, therefore being able to equip large volumes. The compact design of the RX-7 with a machine width of 0.998 metres offers competetive productivity in a very small space – unsurpassed in the industry.

Maximum Productivity

JUKI’s RX-7 achieves a mounting speed of up to 75,000 CPH (optimum) thanks to its intelligent design with two ultra-fast parallel rotational heads that can each hold up to 16 vacuum nozzles.

High Quality

The two built-in cameras – one per rotational head – create real-time images during the placement process: in the course of the feeder uptake as well as while the component is being placed. The RX-7 cameras regonise whether components are positioned and soldered correctly, thus preventing mounting errors and defective circuit boards in advance.

User Friendliness

Owing to the integrated touchscreen, JUKI’s RX-7 is equipped with an easy to operate user surface, which allows an intuitive machine operation. As a result even users without any extensive technical knowledge can easily created pick-and-place programs.

Board Size

50 × 50 mm ~ 510 × 450 mm (single mode)
50 × 50 mm ~ 510 × 250 mm (dual mode)

Component Height

3 mm (P16 × P16 nozzles)
10.5 mm (P16 × P8 nozzles)
10.5 mm (P8 × P8 nozzles)

Component Size

P16 × P16:
03015 ~ 5 mm
P16 × P8:
03015 ~ 5 mm (P16 nozzles)
0603 (0201) ~ 25 mm (P8 nozzles)
P8 × P8:
0603 (0201) ~ 25 mm

Placement Rate

75,000 CPH (P16 × P16), 54,900 CPH (P16 × P8), 34,800 CPH (P8 × P8)

49,000 CPH (P16 × P16), 38,000 CPH (P16 × P8), 12,800 CPH (P8 × P8)

Placement Accuracy

± 0.04 mm (Cpk ≥ 1)

Feeder Inputs

max. 76

Power Supply

200 – 430 VAC, 3-phase

Apparent Power

3.3 kVA

Operating Air Pressure

0.5 ± 0.05 MPa

Air Consumption

20 L / min

Machine Dimensions (W × D × H)

998 × 1,895 × 1,530 mm

Mass (approximately)

1,950 kg


Please refer to product specifications for details.
Specifications and design subject to change without notice.

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