JUKI Automation Systems GmbH is pleased to announce that Rui Vidal has been appointed Chief Operating Officer of the Company effective from April 2022.

In his new role, Mr. Vidal will oversee all sales and marketing activities, technical, service and logistics operations, and lead the company’s undertaking to improved efficiency and implement improved operational processes.

Through his long lasting cooperation with JUKI Automation Systems GmbH | Europe for more than a decade, started as one of the most successful JUKI users in Europe, and more recently as part of the company’s Sales Team, Mr. Vidal brings valuable experience and skills set of a seasoned EMS Operations Manager to the Top Management of JUKI Automation Systems GmbH.

“We are pleased that Rui takes on this major leadership role at JUKI Automation Systems GmbH,” said the company’s President, Mr. Hiroaki Yamazaki. “Rui has already demonstrated leadership and success in executing strategies that are key to the future success of our Company, and we are looking forward to a beneficial continued collaboration, for the benefit of our customers across Europe and beyond”.