EPP InnovationsFORUM 2024 // LIVE EVENT
April, 17 2024 / Filderhalle Leinfelden, Germany

The focal points of the EPP InnovationsFORUM 2024 are:

  • Future-oriented processes for electronics manufacturing
  • From Smart Manufacturing to Digitalization
  • Smart Manufacturing Today, Sustainable Electronics Tomorrow
  • Key topics for modern production
  • Innovation meets production
  • Agile production, smart solutions
  • Meeting point for groundbreaking developments

JUKI EMS Open Day 2024 // LIVE EVENT
June, 13 2024 / JUKI Automation Systems GmbH, Nuremberg, Germany

Shortly before the kick-off of the European Football Championship, we cordially invite you to a special day at our European headquarters in Nuremberg. Visit our exhibition in a pleasant summer party atmosphere.

LIVE PRODUCTION on our production line

Topics for masterful electronics production

  • Smart Factory Solutions
  • Quality assurance and traceability
  • Sustainable production concepts
  • Supply chain optimization