JUKI’s PLACEMENT SOLUTION encompasses a large portfolio of placement machines intended for small, mid-sized and large companies who are looking for flexible, reliable and long-term solutions. JUKI placement machines perform high-quality work whilst ensuring overall the precisely accurate placement of components on printed circuit boards. Consequently allowing a reliable long-term planning.

Feeder Finger


JUKI Placement Solution - RX-7

Feeder Finger

For mechanical and electrical feeders –
for 8 mm paper reels

JUKI’S solution to improve the efficiency of existing feeders is here! This new product will greatly improve setup for small runs where the components are only available on strip tapes, but also can be used on existing feeders. Feeder setup and changeover times can be reduced!

Loads in a matter of seconds


Reduces component waste and production costs


Up to 50 % shorter setup-time


Could be ordered as a new feeder or existing feeders could be modified at JUKI