We offer a variety of servies as well as a comprehensive training programme in preparation for JUKI’s SMT manufacturing solutions at our headquarters situated in Nuremberg, Germany. Our offer ranges from demos in our demo centre to product specific training, special training packages and service stipulations as well as consultation free of charge regarding special requirements (nozzle, special components, tact time determination). If requested, it is possible for you to receive a customized training where our experts will even come by on-site to your company. When necessary a team of technical experts is onhand around the clock to offer support.

JUKI Democenter


You want to learn more about our products?

In that case we would love to invite you to visit our JUKI Demo Centre located at our European headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany. Experience an entire SMT assembly line at first hand and get an idea of the performance spectrum and reliability of the JUKI products.

Covering approximately 500 square metres, our display shows the newest machines belonging to our comprehensive product portfolio.

Our experts take their time to communicate with you and finetune the contents of the demo according to your individual wants and needs.

As a small treat subsequent to our appointment we will serve you some snacks in our customer lounge.

Best to set up an appointment straight away for a demo with your personal contact partner from our sales department.

We look forward to seeing you!


We will make you more successful!

You are already using JUKI products? Then take the opportunity to train yourself and your staff for the handling of our machines and all-in-one solutions! 

Our coaches have many years of experience and will gladly help regarding the optimisation of individual processes as well as lasting improvements of the entire production process. We offer you:

  • professional expertise
  • practical relevance
  • personal engagement

Our selection of subjects range from fundamental seminars to programming and maintenance training as well as special training courses. All the while tailored to your individual need for training and knowledge status of your employees.

Each of our two training rooms can accommodate up to eight people.

JUKI Trainingscenter


Our selection of subjects range from fundamental seminars to programming and maintenance training as well as special training courses. All the while tailored to your individual need for training and knowledge status of your employees.

Training for beginners (Startup)

Our all-round carefree package for new clients and your entry point into the world of JUKI SMT assembly solutions! Our training proposition includes firmly defined content which imparts fundamental expertise regarding handling and programming of the JUKI products, so you can work more quickly and efficiently with your product.

The course contents:

  1. Handling and basic programming setup of the JUKI Pick and Place machines
  2. Programming of the JUKI Pick and Place machines
  3. Conversion of CAD data for JUKI Pick and Place machines
  4. Handling and programming of the Intelligent Feeder Systems
Standard training

Our range of available training options for existing customers to impart employees with additional expertise in dealing with the JUKI SMT assembly solutions. The training options are especially compiled for the needs of operators and programmers. A very comprehensive offer – divided into product categories – allows a specific selection aimed at individual components.

The course contents:

  1. Fundamentals for operators and programmers
  2. Additional fundamentals for programmers
  3. Subsequent and intesified applications (options, functions)
  4. Maintenance
Customer-specific training

If required, we offer customised training to meet your current demands and JUKI products currently deployed in your production. Topical focus areas, comprehensiveness and duration can be individually arranged with our coaches.

The training normally takes place here by us in Nuremberg, Germany, or if required, it is also no problem to arrange for an on-site training at your company’s location.

Practical support

All of our training courses distinguish themselves by way of having a high practical relevance. Under special circumstances we furthermore offer the possibility to intensify training topics with the help of specific process support or by providing professional practice days concentrating on special topics such as components, programming etc.

Do you have any questions regarding our training packages or do you wish more detailed information? Please do not hesitate to contact us at

JUKI Trainingsakademie


The Application team processes your individual requests regarding the following issues:

  • Determination of the fitting nozzle for special components
  • Individual nozzle production for complex component shapes
  • Support in order to define vision and laser components
  • Tact time determination for JUKI Pick and Place machines

Please get in touch with your personal sales representative to discuss your individual wishes as well as the next steps towards realisation.

We are happy to take up your challenge.


Storage of any kind has a direct impact on the material flow and thus on the costs of a company, but also on the revenue situation. It offers opportunities, but also bears risks. It therefore makes sense to optimize your own warehouse and its material flow in order to significantly reduce costs.

We would like to support you in identifying potentials for improvement and offer you a free analysis of your warehouse.

Surely there are also possibilities to optimize your warehouse that are easy to implement and as a result optimize the material flow.

JUKI Trainingsakademie

JUKI SmartCare

Relax – the line is running! With the SmartCare maintenance contract, you can remain completely relaxed, because our team of experts ensures that your system availability is increased and production quality is improved. And all of this at predictable costs.

The components of the JUKI SmartCare maintenance concept:

  • Annual maintenance of your machine
  • Extensive functional control of your machine
  • Immediate carry out of minor repairs (1h)
  • Creation of a SmartCare status report

Further information:

  • Availability of JUKI SmartCare for many machine types and generations
  • Use of original spare parts packages
  • Same Day spare parts delivery (when ordering until 2 p.m.
  • 48h response time (for orders received until 4pm)

JUKI Detect

Technical breakdowns happen and in the worst case your production will be affected. Using JUKI Detect, our team of experts can support you immediately over any distance and provide quick assistance making sure your production can continue to run smoothly.

The functions of JUKI Detect:

  • Error diagnosis is carried out by video call (computer> mobile device)

  • Augmented reality possible (display of 3D markings directly on your machine)

  • File transfer possible in real time (e.g. software updates)

  • Logging (recording for later analysis)

The advantages at a glance:

  • No travel expenses

  • No hotel costs

  • High availability

  • Video logging

  • Video-based communication

  • Fast reaction time


If you have any technical questions, please contact our service team via email at any time. In case of an urgent machine failure, please call us on our 24 hour service hotline at any time. Our technical experts are happy to assist you.

At your service at any time!

+49 1805 5854768

24 hour service hotline
(0,14 € / min. calling from a German landline, max. 0,42 € / min. calling from a German mobile phone network)

Remote servicing using TeamViewer

If necessary, we can offer you remote servicing using TeamViewer.
Please click on the picture below to start the download process (TeamViewerQS.exe, approximately 8 MB):

Tim Naumann
Vice Head of Service

Phone: +49 911 93 62 66 – 16

Jens Grell
Team Leader Field Service

Phone: +49 1805 5854 768

Heiko Schindler
Service Manager EU

Phone: +49 911 93 62 66 – 67


More detailed information about our products are available as PDF downloads concerning the following product categories:


  • Software
  • Storage Solution
  • Screen-Printing Solution
  • Inspection Solution
  • Placement Solution
  • Insertion Solution
  • Soldering Solution