JUKI’s STORAGE SOLUTION offers a range of various intelligent storage solutions for individual component storage requirements. An efficient storage system saves both time and money throughout the whole production process.

ISM UltraFlex 3600

Storage Solution

An intelligent and efficient storage management is turning into the key success factor regarding SMT manufacturing. Hereby ensuring an ideal output while simultaneously securing the increasing flexibility of the product program.

Our ISM storage management system provides you with this intelligent and flexible storage soltution and helps you refocus on your value-adding activities. Using the ISM UltraFlex 3600 you will be able to flexibly store up to 3,644 reels, monitor them intelligently as well as oversee the fully automatic import and export of the components.

Fully automatic
material management

Flexible storage of
up to 3.644 reels

reels im-/exported simultaneously (maximum)

ISM UltraFlex 3900

Storage Solution

Simply double your storage capacities!

JUKI’s ISM UltraFlex 3900 is a real space wonder and represents a thought-out solution as extension module for the ISM UltraFlex 3600 to efficiently use space in the warehouse. In combination with the ISM UltraFlex 3600 storaging up to 7,500 (7“ and 15“) cases can be realized. Operation and handling is exclusively done via the ISM UltraFlex 3600

Simply and quickly
doubling storage capacities

Efficient floor space 
usage of only 3.6 m2

reels im-/exported simultaneously (maximum)

ISM 2000

Storage Solution

The intelligent storage management system of the ISM 2000 has been specifically designed to obtain optimum performance regarding storage capacity and total size. The automated system allows fast insertion and extraction of reels and trays stored in standard cases, while the patented multiple outlet enables the simultaneous extraction and insertion of up to 27 reels at a time.

Optionally, a module for automatic wireless extraction is available as well as a humidity control unit to control humidity of all of the components inside the ISM systems.

Patented Multiple Outlet

Module for wireless
extraction (optional)

reels imported / exported simultaneously (maximum)

ISM 1100

Storage Solution

The flexible storage solution of the ISM 1100 allows flexible storage, intelligent monitoring as well as fully automatic insertion and extraction of up to 1,100 7“ reels on an effective area of just 1.6 m². During the fully automatic insertion and extraction of up to 27 reels there is no user intervention necessary. 

LCD screen

Module for wireless
extraction (optional)

kg light weight when empty

ISM 500

Storage Solution

The ISM 500, JUKIs intelligent dynamic storage solution, has been developed to satisfy the storage needs of the most varied types of components. With the possibility to configure up to 640 different positions, the operator can insert 7“, 13“ and 15“ reels, JEDEC trays, SMT and THT tubes, screen-printing frames and foils, printed circuits, THT components etc.

Humidity Control Unit

3 luminous LED signals
per position

configurable positions available (maximum)

ISM 400

Storage Solution

With the ISM 400 you can flexibly store 7“, 13“ and 15“ reels, trays, tubes, printed circuit boards, well-equipped feeder, solding pastes or screen-printing frames manually and monitor their insertion and extraction. The different configuration possibilities of the ISM 400 satisfy the storage needs of the most varied types of components as well as operational and consumable resources of a modern SMT production. With the help of the optional humidity control module it is possible to constantly adjust and monitor the humidity level within the system.  

Dynamic Material Management

Reliable control system
with LED signals

kWh minor power consumption (maximum)

ISM Material Incoming Station

Storage Solution

Tedious single steps and high allocation of personnel capacities nowadays affect productivity in the warehouse. Especially when it comes to receiving goods, valuable time is mostly lost until arriving material is available in the IT system and in production. Solving the problem: an automated incoming goods process including incoming goods scanner! Incoming material is scanned and the data is automatically matched with the database of the existing Enterprise Resource Planning system. Complete retrievability and traceability is ensured at any time thanks to a unique ID that is created in the system – even for the smallest component bundles such as SMD reels, bars or sachets.

Full retrievability & traceability

Comprehensive hardware package included in delivery

megapixel camera included

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