JUKI’s PLACEMENT SOLUTION encompasses a large portfolio of placement machines intended for small, mid-sized and large companies who are looking for flexible, reliable and long-term solutions. JUKI placement machines perform high-quality work whilst ensuring overall the precisely accurate placement of components on printed circuit boards. Consequently allowing a reliable long-term planning.

RS-1 Series

Smart Fast Modular Mounter

JUKI’s RS-1 stands for the next generation of placement! This flexible well-rounded system makes product changes easier, increases productivity and as a result helps achieve optimal line utilisation. The revolutionary placement head with its unique design offers a high degree of flexibility and displays a safe investment for future demands in production.

Up to 112 feeders

Up to 42,000 CPH


more flexibility

RX-6 Series

High-Speed Compact Modular Mounter

JUKI’s RX-6 is the perfect solution for companies in need of a wide variety of components and large printed circuit boards as well as having to depend on quick product changes as well as high quality. The high-speed compact modular mounter is suitable both for small and large volumes. Due to the compact design of the machine featuring a width of only 1.25 meter the RX-6 displays a smart solution in the case of production floor space being an expense factor.

Wide variety of components

Up to 52,000 CPH

millimeter machine width

RX-7 Series

Ultra High-Speed Mounter

JUKI’s RX-7 is the perfect solution for companies looking to assemble printed circuit boards with a large variety of components – in particular micro-components – in order of equipping large volumes. The compact design of the RX-7 with a machine width of less than one metre offers competetive productivity in a very small space – unsurpassed in the industry.

High-volume specialist

Up to 75,000 CPH

vacuum nozzles intake capacity

KE-3000 Series

Speed & Flex Mounter

JUKI’s KE-3000 offers high-speed flexible placement meeting various demands in SMT production. JUKI’s KE-3010 Speed Mounter takes on the job of placement from ultra-small components while JUKIs KE-3020 is called in to action regarding placement with large and odd-shaped components. Both machines can be equipped with mechanical and electronic feeders and are available with the options Intelligent Feeder System and Traceability.

Up to  1,210 x 560 mm
printed circuit boards

Highest flexibility

litre air consumption (L/min)

FX-3 Series

Speed Mounter

JUKI’s FX-3 stands for ultrafast, precise placement of micro-components on printed circuit boards. It is the perfect solution for companies wanting to process large volumes. Among the strong points of the FX-3 are short retooling times thanks to quick-change feeder banks as well as minimal maintenance. The user-friendly touchscreen interface plus the powerful optimisation software provide additional ease of use.

Highest productivity

Up to 90,000 CPH

8 mm feeder spaces (maximum)

JX-350 Series

Compact High-Speed Mounter

JUKI’s JX-350 offers high flexibility and quality presented in a compact design while maintaining an attractive low price. This model handles long printed circuit boards up to 1.50 meter and is especially suitable for cost-efficient LED assemblage. On top of that the incorporated laser technology enables a highly accurate placement of diffusion lenses due to the recognition technology which identifies the main orientation of the lense.


Up to 1.5 m long
printed circuit boards

Specialist for LED assembly


more efficiency

JUKI Placement Solution - JX-350


For mechanical and electrical feeders

JUKI’s solution to improve the efficiency of existing feeders is here! This new product will greatly improve setup for small runs where the components are only available on strip tapes, but also can be used on existing feeders. Feeder setup and changeover times can be reduced!


loads in a matter of seconds

reduces component waste and production costs


shorter setup-time

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