JUKI’s SOLDERING SOLUTION encompasses a high-quality offer consisting of reflow soldering ovens each insuring the lead-free soldering of SMD components. All reflow soldering ovens are up to 95 % recyclable.

RS 1000

Soldering Solution

With its 10 heating zones and 2 cooling zones JUKI’s RS 1000 helps create even ambitious profiles and improve towards a high throughput of printed circuit boards respectively. Top flexibility is therefore guaranteed for future applications as well. In spite of a higher count of heating zones, the energy consumption is low.

JUKI Soldering Solution - RS 1000

800 mm
cooling zone length

Flexible processing control


energy conservation (maximum)

RS 800

Soldering Solution

JUKI’s RS 800 8-zone reflow-soldering oven embodies the best compromise between cost and effectiveness, floor space and energy consumption. With its 8 zones even complex soldering profiles can be constructed. 2 cooling zones ensure a suitable cooling down of the printed circuit boards after the soldering process.

JUKI Soldering Solution - RS 800

4 activating zones

Low power consumption


energy conservation (maximum)

RS 600

Soldering Solution

JUKI’s RS 600 6-zone reflow-soldering oven is the space-saving and inexpensive solution for the numerous standard SMT soldering tasks. Taking up a small amount of floor space and having low energy consumption, the machine has all the advantages of a larger reflow-soldering oven such as perfect thermal properties as well as comprehensive equipment including useful features.

JUKI Soldering Solution - RS 600

Heating zone length of 389 mm

6.5 kW
low power consumption

minutes short warm-up time