JUKI screen-printers represent worldwide proven machines of the highest quality with a sturdy long-life machine design. The screen-printers are available for different PCB sizes and are applicable with JUKI placement machines as well as JUKI reflow soldering ovens creating individual SMT line solutions.


Screen-Printing Solution

JUKI Screen-Printing Solution - P-PRIMO



JUKI’s mid-size screen printer P-PRIMO aims at medium-format printed ciruit boards with sizes of up to 850 × 610 mm. The machine is delivered with a well-structured, easy to use software, which allows the construction of a production programme in less than 8 minutes. Further functions that are included with delivery: automatic stencil cleaning, 2D solder paste inspection, top and side clamping and many more!

Long-Lasting Accuracy

The machine table and squeegee carrier are cast, not welded. Therefore guaranteeing high torsion resistance and ensuring print accuracy to remain unchanged for years.

High Flexibility

P-PRIMO and JUKI Pick and Place machines as well as JUKI Reflow Soldering Ovens enable needs-based, individual SMT line solutions.

Optimised Operation and Maintenance

The straightforward constructed Windows-based operator software enables a fast initial training and swift programme construction. A programme change lasts about two minutes, a new publication approximately ten minutes. Furthermore large covers and service doors allow for easy access to all assemblies.


PCB Size (L × W) min. 100 × 65 mm / max. 850 × 610 mm
PCB Thickness min. 0.4 mm / 8 mm
PCB Margin 3.5 mm
PCB Weight max. 5 kg


Frame Size (L × D) min. 737× 737 mm / max. 1,100 × 850 mm
Frame Thickness min. 12 mm / max. 43 mm
Fixed and Interchangeable Frame Possible

PCB Handling and Transport

Side Clamp
Retractable Top / Side Clamping (for thin / warped PCB)
Adjustable Clamping Pressure
PCB Feed Height 950 mm +/- 20 mm
Feed / Removal Direction left / right, right / left, left / left, right / right
PCB Width / Thickness Adjustment automatic


Number of Squeegee Heads 2, contact pressure separately adjustable
Included Squeegee Lengths 280, 520, 850 mm × 60° Metall
Squeegee Contact Pressure 0 – 10 kg
Print Speed 5 – 150 mm per second
Special Squeegee available
Other Squeegee Lengths available

Machine Properties and Dimensions

Print Accuracy ± 25 µm
Cycle Time (without printing and cleaning) < 12 seconds
Dimensions (L × W × H) 1,590 mm × 1,608 mm × 1,530 mm
Weight 1,400 kg

PC and Software

Operating System Windows 7
Interfaces Ethernet, USB, SMEMA, Cogiscan IFSNx / TTC

Operating Requirements

Power Supply 220 V ± 10 %, 50 / 60 Hz AC
Compressed Air 6 Bar
Ambient Conditions 5 – 40° C, 20 – 65 % RH

Standards (selection)

2D-SPI, automatic stencil cleaning, PCB vacuum fixation, set of PCB support tools, 3 years of JUKI warranty

Available Options and Accessories (selection)

Stencil inspection, paste dispenser, measurement of paste bead thickness, grid tools for supporting the PCB, closed-loop SPI, air conditioning in process area


Please refer to product specifications for details.
Specifications and design subject to change without notice.

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