JUKI’s PLACEMENT SOLUTION encompasses a large portfolio of placement machines intended for small, mid-sized and large companies who are looking for flexible, reliable and long-term solutions. JUKI placement machines perform high-quality work whilst ensuring overall the precisely accurate placement of components on printed circuit boards. Consequently allowing a reliable long-term planning.



Placement Solution

JUKI Placement Solution - RX-7


Next Generation High-Speed Mounter

JUKI’s RX-8 is for all companies that want to make their production line more efficient on smallest shopfloor. RX-8 stands for best-in-class output per meter of production line – up to 100,000CPH.
JUKI’s RX-8 dual planet head innovation is number one in area productivity, with taking less line space than only one meter!

Highest Placement Rates

JUKI’s RX-8 achieves placement rates up to 100,000 CPH (optimum) thanks to its new rotating placement heads with each 20 nozzles. The high-precision planet head is ideal for high-speed picking and placing from a single reel.
At the same time the placement head is designed to handle ultra-mall chips and ICs.

Ensuring Best Quality

JUKI’s state-of-the-art centering and inspection vision system is even upgraded withing RX-8 with a new high accuracy camera for inspecting and centering. The coaxial lightning technology gets clearer images as well as better and more accurate inspection data. The vsion system in general detects presence and absence, inverted chips and tombstoning. It automatically corrects the pick position of every part which leads to an increased pick rate.
This systems makes it ideal for placing very small components.

Board Size

50 × 50 mm ~ 410 × 400 mm (single mode)
50 × 50 mm ~ 810 × 400 mm (dual mode)

Component Height

3 mm (P20 nozzles)
25 mm (P20; Takumi)

Component Size

0201 ~ 5 mm

03015 ~ 65 mm /10 mm × 90 mm /50 mm ×75 mm

Placement Rate

105,000 CPH (P20)

Placement Accuracy

± 0.04 mm (Cpk ≥ 1)

Feeder Inputs

max. 160

Power Supply

200 – 430 VAC, 3-phase

Apparent Power

2.49 kVA

Operating Air Pressure

0.5 ± 0.05 MPa

Air Consumption

50 L / min

Machine Dimensions (W × D × H)

1,600 × 1,824× 1,440 mm

Mass (approximately)

2,400 kg

Please refer to product specifications for details.
Specifications and design subject to change without notice.