JUKI’s PLACEMENT SOLUTION encompasses a large portfolio of placement machines intended for small, mid-sized and large companies who are looking for flexible, reliable and long-term solutions. JUKI placement machines perform high-quality work whilst ensuring overall the precisely accurate placement of components on printed circuit boards. Consequently allowing a reliable long-term planning.



Placement Solution

JUKI Placement Solution - RX-7

 RX-7R *NEW*

The latest generation of ultra high-speed mounters

The RX-7R is the first choice when it comes to the high-speed assembly of a large number of printed circuit boards with smaller and smallest components. The successful concept of the RX-7 has been further developed into the RX-7R. The new placement head P16S offers increased accuracy and a longer service life. The compact machine design with a width of one meter has been retained and continues to offer maximum productivity in the smallest of spaces.

Highest placement performance with smallest dimensions

JUKI’s RX-7R achieves a placement performance of up to 75,000 BE / h (optimum) thanks to intelligent equipment with two fast, independently working rotary heads, each of which can hold up to 16 suction cups (in the configuration P16S x P16S). The heads newly developed for the RX-7R offer even greater accuracy, especially in the angular placement. This makes them ideal, among other things, for equipping LEDs where the radiation characteristics depend on the exact position on the circuit board.

Best placement quality through real-time inspection using cameras

The cameras integrated in the rotary heads can precisely measure the dimensions of the components to be assembled. These values ​​are included in the production for precise assembly. In addition to the early detection and avoidance of tombstones (installed components), the cameras are used to check whether and how the component was assembled. This eliminates assembly errors and ultimately an incorrectly assembled circuit board even at the highest speed and assembly performance.

Easy handling

JUKI’s RX-7 has a user-friendly user interface that enables intuitive machine operation thanks to the touchscreen. This makes it easier for employees to use the machine efficiently, even without in-depth knowledge.

Board Size

50 × 50 mm ~ 510 × 450 mm (single mode)
50 × 50 mm ~ 510 × 250 mm (dual mode)

Component Height

03015 – 5 mm, max. component height 3 mm (with configuration P16S x P16S)

Component Size

P16S × P16S: 03015 ~ 5 mm

Placement Rate

75,000 CPH (P16S × P16S)

Placement Accuracy

± 0.04 mm (Cpk ≥ 1)

Feeder Inputs

max. 76

Power Supply

200 – 430 VAC, 3-phase

Apparent Power

2.3 kVA

Operating Air Pressure

0.5 ± 0.05 MPa

Air Consumption

20 L / min

Machine Dimensions (W × D × H)

998 × 1,895 × 1,530 mm

Mass (approximately)

1,870 kg


Please refer to product specifications for details.
Specifications and design subject to change without notice.